Python: How Many Chocolates?

Sanjay loves chocolates. He goes to a shop to buy his favourite chocolate. There he notices there is an offer going on, upon bringing 3 wrappers of the same chocolate, you will get new chocolate for free. If Sanjay has m Rupees. How many chocolates will he be able to eat if each chocolate costs c Rupees?

Two positive integers m and c separated by a comma. The first integer is m and the second integer is c

A single integer denoting the number of chocolates Sanjay was able to eat in total.

Sample input:
15, 2

Sample output:

First, he will get 15/2=7 chocolates. He then will return 6 wrappers for 2 chocolates. And lastly, these two wrappers and the one he previously had will get him one more chocolate, making a total of 7+2+1=10 chocolates.

Sample input:

Sample output:


#take input here
mystring = input()
mylist = mystring.split(',')

m = int(mylist[0])
c = int(mylist[1])

#start writing your code here

choc = m//c
w = m//c

while w//3!=0:
    choc = choc + w//3
    w = w//3 + w%3
#dont forget to print the number of chocolates Sanjay can eat
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