Python Alarm Clock: You're trying to automate your alarm clock by writing a function for it.

You're given a day of the week encoded as 1=Mon, 2=Tue, ... 6=Sat, 7=Sun, and whether you are on vacation as a boolean value (a boolean object is either True or False. Google "booleans python" to get a better understanding). Based on the day and whether you're on vacation, write a function that returns a time in form of a string indicating when the alarm clock should ring.

When not on a vacation, on weekdays, the alarm should ring at "7:00" and on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) it should ring at "10:00".

While on a vacation, it should ring at "10:00" on weekdays. On vacation, it should not ring on weekends, that is, it should return "off".

The input will be a list of two elements. The first element will be an integer from 1 to 7, and the second element will be a boolean value.

The output will be a string denoting the time alarm will ring or 'off'

Sample input:
[7, True]

Sample output:

Sample input:
[3, True]

Sample output:



#Take input here
#we will take input using ast sys
import ast
input_str = input()

#ast.literal_eval() will evaluate the string and make a data structure for the same
#here the input is a list since input is in '[...]', so ast.literal_eval() will
#make a list with the same data as passed
input_list = ast.literal_eval(input_str)

#the data or the two values in list is now changed to separate variables
day_of_the_week = input_list[0] #first element is an integer denoting the day of the week
is_on_vacation = input_list[1] #this is a boolean denoting if its vacation or not

# write your code here

#we will solve this using a function that returns a string
#later we will just print the string

def alarm_time(day_of_the_week, is_on_vacation):
    weekend = [6,7] #encoding of weekend days sat and sun are 6 and 7
    if is_on_vacation:
        if day_of_the_week not in weekend:
            return '10:00'
        else: #its weekend
            return 'off'
        if day_of_the_week not in weekend:
            return '7:00'
        else: #its weekend
            return '10:00'
#end of function

#print the result
print(alarm_time(day_of_the_week, is_on_vacation))
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